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Built to provide diverse services that help you prevent and suppress any forms of medical conditions

portrait of a doctor

Our Mission 

We strive to help every patient to prevent and suppress any health-related conditions. With our high-end medical technology and excellent clinicians, we can usher every individual towards a healthier life. 

Our Vision

We look forward to becoming the leading brand in the industry that provides remarkable healthcare services to the community we serve.

About the Company

Lanham Primary Care is a primary care clinic owned by Hunde Tulu, MD. Our clinic provides preventative and routine health care to every adult who needs quality primary care in Lanham, Maryland.  

We at Lanham Primary Care cater our services to people who need medical approval for immigration and employment, routine care to manage chronic illnesses, and are seeking primary care. 

Who Do We Serve

We serve individuals above age 18 regardless of culture, health condition, sex, etc. 

Our needs may vary on different levels, but there is one we need to focus on—health. Allow us to help you achieve and maintain better health by visiting our clinic today.

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