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Effective Tips to Help Manage Diabetes in Seniors

Effective Tips to Help Manage Diabetes in Seniors

Diabetes is a serious health condition that happens to people of all ages and is more common to people of age. According to studies, 1 out of 4 seniors has diabetes. At Lanham Primary Care, a trusted provider of Primary Care in Lanham, Maryland, we give practical health tips to help seniors with diabetes.

If you are a caregiver taking care of an elderly with diabetes, it is best to encourage them to switch to a healthier lifestyle and diet. It is medically known that one of the most effective ways to help manage diabetes in seniors is by living a healthy life. Start by making lifestyle changes with them. If they do not want to eat healthy foods, you can encourage them by preparing a delicious meal and eating with them. Of course, a healthy diet is not enough, seniors need daily exercise to help keep their blood sugar low. Before assisting and accompanying them with their exercise routines, be sure that these exercises are approved by their doctors. Always keep the professional guidelines provided by their Physician when doing their physical activities every day. Also, do not forget about their medications. Make sure that you remind them to take their medicines on time.

To know more about diabetes and the effective ways to help your senior loved ones with diabetes, our Clinic in Maryland is here for you. Schedule an appointment ahead so we can start discussing about it.

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